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This is the page to make the SSH server or a VPN account for free but with out using the premium server and unlimited. Kmau could make SSH or Secure shell premium and unlimited bandwidth from a variety of data center server or hosted with faster access by either using SSH or shell seceurd account. This works for SSH Tunneling, and SSH supports OpenSSH, Dropbear, Squid Proxy, SSL, TCP and UDP. There are many server options Asian, Europe and America. To create the premium SSH you can select one of the servers you want and without having to pay or free.

The benefits of using SSH:

the benefits of using SSH account is improving the security of data on your computer when accessing the internet, because of the existence of the SSH Account as the provider of your internet connection, SSH will give you enskripsi on all data unreadable, just send it to another server. In addition to doing data Encryptioni, SSH also has the capability of doing Port Forwarding which allows us to obtain the following benefits:

1. Connect the TCP applications (for example: webserver, mail server, FTP server) with more secure (secure).
2. Connect to the benefit of internet access.

The second benefit above that is what frequently searched by Internet users and make use of them for the benefit of internet access. Using SSH Account we can also manage the VPS for hosting or other functionality. Using SSH tunneling for the Account of your internet connection is not guarantee increasing the speed of your internet. But by using IP, automatic SSH Account that you are using will be static and you can use privately with Your records only one user in an SSH Account.

The SSH protocol has many functions, in addition to the functions of tunneling that often we use, we can also use SSH to SFTP, SOCKS4/5 proxy or we use to manage your VPS hosting or ours in particular VPS with Linux OS such as CentOS. To use this using SSH tunneling we can use an SSH client like Bitvise Tunnelier.

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