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Create Free Hostname or DNS

You can create a hostname or DNS for free here.


We also provide features to create a DNS host Record for free, kammu can make IP Host into a domain that can be used for free internet access. To make it, You must provide the account SSH, VPN and more. Find the Host that will be used as the domain. If the Host is unknown as at the time of using SSH account. Then fill in the username that you want to create the DNS. After that the contents of your IP to IP or Domain column. Wait until the process of making DNS is completed.

What is DNS?

DNS is an acronym that has a kepanjang Domain Name System. From the group alone can already we know that DNS is a system intended to provide a name or address on each domain connected on the network computer. Arguably that understanding DNS is a system that stores information from the host name, domain name and Ip address of a site on the internet in the form of a data format

spread. DNS has a very broad function, because it not only membarikan the naming on the server or website and host it, however the DNS also give the name and address on the computer – a client computer or user that connects to the network internet, as long as that computer has what we know by the name of network card or network interface card.

Function of DNS

1. Provide the identity of a computer as one point on the network

Function from the first DNS is to provide the identity of a computer. Each computer that has a network interface card or NIC is already equipped with an address – a unique address. When connected to a network, such as the internet, then such unique address will be identified as a single point that is connected to the network. So, with the DNS, a computer will be detected by the network, as already identified by the DNS itself.

2. The translation of domain names into IP address

when we as a user or administrator will make a particular website, then we will definitely give a specific name to our website. for example is When we create and register a web address that will convert a DNS address, we make these into the IP address, in accordance with the host that we use. So on the network, our web site will not be identified as again, but rather a alamt identified in the form of IP.

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