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Check Our Server Online or Offline

Check Availability Online or Offline server / Host


To know that the hosting server or VPN and SSH that we have in an oline or offline. Here you can see whether the server still works or not, you can see a list of servers or hosting that's still online or offline. If the server is offline you can contact us to do some checking and would do restart the server or refresh the server.

What is Server ?

A server is a computer system that provides a certain type of service in a network of computers. Servers supported with processors that are scalable and RAM is great, it also comes with a special operating system, referred to as a network operating system or network operating system. The server also runs the administrative software that controls access to network resources that are contained in them, such as files or printers (printers), and provides access to the workstation network members.

Generally, on top of the server operating system there are applications that use the client/server architecture. An example of this application is the DHCP Server, Mail Server, HTTP Server, FTP Server, DNS Server and so on. Each server operating system generally membundel these services or those services can also be obtained from third parties. Each of these services will respond to the request from the client against. For example, the DHCP client will give the request to the server that is running DHCP server; When a client requires an IP address, the client will give the command/request to the server, with a language that is understood by the DHCP server, the DHCP protocol itself.


ID Host / IP Description OpenSSH Dropbear Proxy PPTP OpenVPN

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