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What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)? - CONTASSH.COM

What is a VPN?

VPN is a technology that allows you to access the internet if you are connecting from different locations. This means, among other things operator of ISP/local network You cannot check or filter traffic and any other site or service will see your IP address.

VPN is a "Virtual Private Network". This term refers to a set of technologies that enables the computer to connect to a private network through the internet (or other public network), and Exchange data with other computers on the network are secure physically as if it is part of the network. This is usually accomplished by establishing an encrypted connection with the remote computer and the "redirect" all traffic through the connection. Although a VPN is used for various purposes, "VPN service" most often refers to the VPN connectivity provider that is used to direct all traffic passing through the internet to a local ISP.

The benefits of using VPN:

cost-effective. The use of a VPN can trim the cost of the installation of intrastruktur between the VPN network because it will be virtual so that only need software or application related.

Effective and efficient. The time it takes to connect the network more quickly because each network need only provide internet to be able to communicate. If using a leased line as a media liaison would need a longer time to build the line connection. Arguably the technology VPN is not limited by place and time because it only requires the internet.

Remote Access (remote Access), a VPN can be used to access the remote computer or office network over the internet is still connected to the . Every data encryption eliminates the anxiety or worry about data theft action.

Improve scalability. The use of a VPN can improve scalability if the company develops, then open a new branch in several places making it easy to connect with the local network in the company. Support unlimited number of servers and clients that are located behind a router server

Open access websites that are blocked. If you are in some countries that block many websites like China and North Korea, then the use of a VPN is used to open access websites that are blocked due to an internet connection that we use on the internet will be unreadable as the VPN Server IP address.

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